Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PracticalAction.org: Bike Hacks for the Greater Good

PracticalAction.org: Bike Hacks for the Greater Good: "

Reader Bjørn continues to send great stuff to us. The latest was a heads up for the site PracticalAction.org. The subheading of the site is, “Technology Challenging Poverty.” The site goes on further to state:

In Kenya, successive years of low rainfall have resulted in a worsening food situation – crops have failed and livestock have died. Practical Action is working in some of the areas hit worst by drought, and our work is helping people in desperate need. While we can’t control disasters, we can help people adapt and build a more sustainable and secure future. We can make a long term difference.

One of the great things about bikes is that they are relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain, especially compared to gas combustion powered vehicles. The site has some great hacks for trailers of different sorts, even one that is meant to serve as a bike ambulance. A tour of PracticalAction.org is highly recommended for both bike hack ideas and warm fuzzy feelings.




All pictures courtesy of PracticalAction.org

PracticalAction.org: Bike Hacks for the Greater Good

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