Thursday, October 29, 2009

Beyond Bicycles

Beyond Bicycles: "In May of 2010, Oakland, California’s Rock Paper Scissors Collective will be hosting Beyond Bicycles, a celebration of the art, science, and politics of harnessing human power. From now until March 15th, they will be accepting entries for the exhibition. They are looking for “human-powered machines, bicycle-based inventions, and interactive kinetic sculpture” from artists, designers, and creative people. If you have a concept that you wish to share, send it here. Questions can be directed to Mark at this address.

Here is more information about the exhibition from Rock Paper scissors:

'BEYOND BICYCLES will be an exhibition documenting the many ingenious uses of human power past and present. The Gallery space at Rock Paper Scissors Collective is limited so large works will only be displayed during opening night. Our month long exhibition will consist of a collection large color photographs of works, accompanied by a printed zine. There will also be a web zine which will be more extensive than the printed version.'

I have a few unrelated links to pass along while I am at it:

The Core77 blog posted a bicycle carrying case design not long ago. The interesting thing about this design is that is can accommodate a frame with an integrated carbon seat mast.

Cojoy is a side-by-side tandem design that was apparently inspired by “a dual paddle boat and a wheelchair.”

Designboom posted about beer-cycle by Raphael Betillon. Basically, he recycles old steel forks into bottle openers.

Finally, I will mention this Lexus carbon fiber, 2 wheel drive electric assist “racing bike” that was spotted at the Tokyo motor show. My first thought, which I posted on Twitter,
was…where does one race an electric bike? Ross, who originally sent me the link, pointed out that “in Portland there runs a free-for-all race that includes a factory team from Ecospeed.” I would love to see some pictures from that race if anyone can point me toward a few.


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